{*} The 9th Air Pollution and Global Change Symposium, "Plants and the Changing Environment" was held on the shores of Monterey Bay, California at the Asilomar Conference Center USA, 8-12 June, 2014, and was hosted by David A. Grantz, University of California, Riverside and Kent O. Burkey, USDA/ARS, Raleigh, North Carolina.



{*} The mission of the APGC Symposium Series is to bring together international scientists from various disciplines, who are actively involved in research on the interactions of plants (metabolism, function, and communities) with environmental pollution and global change. The previous symposia in the Series were held in Oxford, UK 1982; Munich, Germany, 1987; Blacksburg, USA, 1992; Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands, 1997; Pulawy, Poland, 2001; Tsukuba, Japan, 2004; Creswick, Australia, 2008 and Groningen, The Netherlands, 2011.


The Proceedings of the Symposium have been published in January 2016 in a special issue of Plant Biology entitled: "Plants and the Changing Environment" (guest editors of this volume will be David A. Grantz, Kent O.Burkley and Luit J. De Kok; click on picture).

{*} The 10th Triennial Air Pollution & Global Change Symposium on “Air Pollution as Part of Global Change – Responses of Plants and Ecosystems” which will be hosted by Technische Universität München and Helmholtz-Zentrum München during July 12-15, 2017,in Neuherberg/Munich, Germany.

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